When retained, I will represent you before the OWCP. As such, I will be the primary contact between you and the claims examiner. As your representative I know the law, rules, regulations and procedures within the OWCP system. I will explain the standards of proof, and I will work with your doctor/s to assist them with report writing – which will be critical to your claim. Remember, success in this system relies heavily on what, and how, your doctor writes reports regarding your claim. Part of the reason you engage an attorney is to assist your doctor or psychologist with his or her report writing.

In general, when you have questions or problems, contact your attorney first – going around your attorney to speak with OWCP, or other people connected to your claim can cause unforeseen problems. Obviously, speaking with your doctor is always your right and not a conversation your attorney needs to be a part of. You should receive copies of all documentation received or written by your attorney. You should also receive updates on all oral communications your attorney has with anyone connected to your claim – either via the phone or in written format.